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The Shark is a 24 foot (7.34 m) sailboat which was first built in 1960 in Canada, where it was in continuous production until the early 1990s. It has become the largest and most successful Canadian one-design keelboat class. There are active Shark fleets in Canada, USA, and Europe, and this boat was recently recognized by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) under the Classic Yacht Classes. Although the Shark 24 may not have all the characteristics of the latest go-fast designs, it allows sailors to get involved in serious one-design competition up to the World level for a fraction of the cost of other keelboat designs. (Read a review of the Shark which appeared in Canadian Yachting Magazine.) We have Shark # 7, and as a result, we named it "007".

  Specifications for, and various line drawings of the Shark.
  Sharks in Canada.
        Historical Note.

My restoration work on "007"
( main bulkhead replacement, etc ).
  A few photos of
who sail on
"007", and other
Sharks too.

A few photos of "007".
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Some photos of
on The Ottawa River.
  Sharks in Europe!

Two of the World's great Shark Clubs.


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>> The home port of "007" ? <<

The website of Canadian Shark Association. ( It's a little eclectic, but it's loaded with tons of interesting & valuable information. )   Website of the Shark Fleet at Britannia Yacht Club.

    Did someone say...  RACING ?

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