Shark 007

Photos of people who sail 007.
( And other Sharks too! )

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Lucie at the helm
Lucie @ the helm.

One-Design Crew
From left to right: Josh Rousson, Michael McGoldrick, and Heike Wunschmann.
Crew of "007" for many One-Design Race Night series and regattas (2004 to 2010).

One-Design Crew
From left to right: Paul Wagner, Heike Wunschmann, and Michael McGoldrick.
Crew of "007" for most One-Design Race Night series (2005-2006).

Lucie at the helm
The crew of "007" for Monday night women's racing on the
Ottawa River (after their very first race on "007").

At the time of the photo (spring 2001), the crew
of the winningest Shark on Lac Deschenes.
(Bert Ritcey's "Lone Shark", #243).

Ken Houldsworth, who helmed 007 in the 2002 fall
Shark series and in the 2002 BYC Shark Regatta.

Garrin @ the helm.

© Michael McGoldrick, 2001

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