Shark 007

Sharks @ the Nepean Sailing Club?
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The Nepean Sailing Club on Lac Deschenes on the Ottawa River

The home port of "007"?

No, I'm not a member at either BYC or KYC.
I am, however, a member of the Nepean Sailing Club (NSC).

NSC is located just around the corner from BYC on the Ottawa River. It has a nice little fleet of about seven Sharks, but it hardly rates as one of the great Shark clubs of the world. In reality, NSC is one of the great Tanzer 22 clubs on the planet (there are over 50 of them at my club). Since Sharks are so badly outnumbered by Tanzer 22s at my club, we have to be real nice to these boats (nice Tanzer, nice Tanzer - pat, pat, pat.).

Here's a link to the Nepean Sailing Club web site.

Oh what the heck - I'll even throw in a link to the Tanzer 22 web site.

Michael McGoldrick, 2001

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