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Sharks in Europe
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Yes, there are European Sharks. There are active Shark fleets in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and to a lesser extent, Sweden, Finland and Holland. The Shark Worlds are held in Europe every third year. (It should be noted that the Shark was designed by George Hinterhoeller, who immigrated to Canada from Austria in the early 1950s.)

I believe brand new Sharks are still being built in Germany. The Shark website at the Britannia Yacht Club tells us that these German made boats sell for about $50,000 Canadian, but I don't suppose that this includes duty, GST, or the cost of shipping it to Canada. Nevertheless, I think this is a very reasonable price for a brand new boat that's as good as a Shark. Fortunately, it's possible to find good Sharks on used market in Canada for $5000 to $8000.

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