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Sailboat models
16' to 24' LOA
Sailboat models
24' to 27' LOA
Sailboat models
27' to 30' LOA
Sailboat models
30' to 42' LOA

The sailboats featured below were built in Canada sometime between 1960 and 1990. These models are not intended to be an exhaustive list of what is available in any size category. The price ranges given are realistic (as of 2001), but they are in the low end of the spectrum. If you are new to the sailing, check out: [Reading Sailboat Plans and Specifications]

Used Sailboat Models in Central Canada
16' to 24' LOA (4.9m to 7.4m)

DS 16

Mistral 16

Siren 17

Edel 540

Sandpiper 565

DS 20

Matilda 20

Halman 20

Sirius 21

Viking 22

Abbott 22

CS 22

DS 22

Alberg 22

Tanzer 22

Sonic 23

Paceship 23

Grampian 23


Challenger 7.4

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Note: The various models featured on this website are meant to give people a feel for the range of sailboats that are available on the used market in central Canada. It is not the intention of this web site to provide an exhaustive or comprehensive list of the models and designs that are available. Nor is there any intention to recommend the boats featured here over other models and designs which do not appear in this web site. (There are dozens upon dozens of other very good design to choose from on the used market). People interested in learning about a particular design should do addition research on the Internet. Owners groups and the reviews by Canadian Yachting Magazine are good starting points. And don't be afraid to use Google to conduct online searches.

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Note: All line drawings scanned and edited by Michael McGoldrick. © Michael McGoldrick, 2001.
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