Owners' Groups, Class Associations, and Web Sites
for various boats on the Canadian used market.

Here is a collection of links for Owners Groups, Class Associations, general web sites for various sailboats commonly available on the used market in central Canada. A web page about an individual boat may be provided where there is no general web site for a given model.

The Alberg Discussion List
The Alberg 22 web Site
Alberg 30 web site
Alberg 37 web site
Aloha Owners' Group
Aloha 27 web site
Aloha 34 web site
Bayfield Discussion Group
Bayfield 29 web site
Beneteau Owners
Catalina 25/250 Association
Catalina 30 Association
Catalina 34 web site
C&C Corvette 31 web site
C&C Sailing Association

C&C Photo & Resource Center
C&C 27 Association
C&C Redwing 30 web site
Chrysler Sailing Page

Corbin 39 Owners Homepage
Contessa 26 international web site
CS 22 Owners' Group
CS Yacht Owners' Group
Douglas 32/Hullmaster 31 web site
DS 16 Owners' Group
Edel owners website
Express 20/30/30M/35 Owners' Page
Express 30/35 e-mail group
Grampian owners web site
Grampian Discussion Group
Hinterhoeller HR 25
Hinterhoeller HR 28
Hughes/Northstar Forum
Hughes 31 web site
Hughes 31 Discussion Group
Hunter Owners web site
J/24 Canadian Class Association
Kirby 25 Class Association
Laser 28 Home Page
MacGregor Website
Matilda Sailboats web site/ group
Mirage-Kirby Group
Montego Sailboat site
Niagara Discussion List
The Nonsuch Assoication
Nordica Sailboat web site
Nordica 16 Group
Ontario 28 & 32 Web Site
Paceship Web Page
Pearson Triton Page
S2 6.7 & 6.9 & 22 Association
Sandpiper 565 Owner's Group
Shark Association/ SharkBytes
Siren 17 website
Sparkman & Stephens Association
Spencer Yacht Owners Group
The Tanzer 16 Page
Tanzer 22 Association
Tanzer 7.5 Web site
Tanzer 26 Web Site

Tanzer 28 web site
Ticon Yachts web page
Viking 22 web site
Whitby 42 Association

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