Halman 20


L.O.A.: 19' 8" (5.99 m)
L.W.L.: 16' 6" (5.03 m)
Beam: 7' 9" (2.37 m)
Draft: 2' 10" (.90 m)

Displacement: 2500 lbs. (1137 kg.)
Ballast: 1000 lbs. (455 kg.)
Sail area: 200 sq. ft. (18.6 m²)
Vertical clearance: 30' (9.15 m)

Motor: outboard.
Headroom: 5' (1.5 m)
Berths: 4
Rating  (PHRF-LO) : 288

Price range: $5,500 to $6,500

    The Halman's modified full keel and double-ended hull (rounded at the bow and stern) is loosely based on a Scandinavian design, and it gives the impression that this boat is meant for serious cruising over large bodies of water. Unlike many boats under 20 feet in length, the Halman will generally come well equipped with lifelines, winches, and other gear. Its cabin has 5 feet of standing headroom and it is remarkably roomy for a 20 footer, although some of this space was achieved at the expense of a smaller cockpit. An upscale version of this boat with a small bowsprit was marketed as the Halman 21 later in the 1980s.

    The design of the Halman 20 was inspired by the Nordica 20, and two boats look almost identical. Obviously anyone interested in the Halman may want to look for any Nordicas that may be available on the used market.

    by Michael McGoldrick.
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