Tanzer 10.5


L.O.A.: 34' 5" (10.51 m)
L.W.L.: 27' 6" (8.38 m)
Beam: 11' 6" (3.51 m)
Draft: 25" to 6' 6" (.6 - 2 m)

Displ: 13,000 lbs. (5897 kg.)
Ballast: 5700 lbs. (2585 kg.)
Sail area: 557 sq. ft. (51.75 m²)
Vertical clearance: 48' 6" (14.78 m)

Motor: 30 hp diesel
Headroom: standing
Berths: 6 to 7

Price range: $75,000 to $80,000

    The Tanzer 10.5 (a 34 footer) was designed with a number of very interesting and innovative features. It has a retractable ballasted keel. Unlike many boats with a swing keel arrangement, the Tanzer 10.5's keel fills-in the entire keel house opening when it is in its lowered position. This means its performance should come very close to that of a true fixed keel. (While conceived as a boat with a retractable keel, it was possible to order it with astandard fin keel or fixed shoal draft keel.) Although the Tanzer 10.5 looks very much like a sleek sailboat, it actually has a pilot house with an interior steering station. Likewise, although the Tanzer 10.5 looks like it is an aft-cockpit boat, it is really a quasi mid-cockpit sailboat. It has a cabin located aft of the cockpit, which is connected to the main cabin by a small passage way. The innovative design of the Tanzer 10.5 does have a few drawbacks. For example, it has a small cockpit for a 34 footer, and because of the complexities of the keel lifting mechanism, this part of the boat is prone to problems.

    by Michael McGoldrick.
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