C&C 27
(Mk V)


L.O.A.: 26' 6" (8.08 m)
L.W.L.: 23' 0" (7.01 m)
Beam: 9' 3" (2.82 m)
Draft: 4' 10" (1.47 m)

Displacement: 4420 lbs. (2005 kg.)
Ballast: 1715 lbs. (778 kg.)
Sail area: 343 sq. ft. (31.87 m²)

Motor: usually diesel inboard
Headroom: standing
Berths: 4 to 5
Rating  (PHRF-LO) : 174

Price range: $28,000 to $32,000

    This C&C 27 (the Mark V) was introduced in the mid 1980s, and it looks quite different from the classic 27 foot model which was built throughout the 1970s (the C&C 27 Mark I, II, III, IV). With an overall length of only 26" 6" (8.1m) the newer model is also considered smaller than the older C&C 27s, which had a LOA of almost 28 feet. In fact, the Mark V has more in common with the C&C 26, which made a brief appearance in the late 1970s, but was phased out of production when it couldn't find its own market niche. It's a good sailing boat that will appeal to anyone looking for a C&C in the under 30 foot range, and which has a slightly more modern appearance than the models that were built in the 1970s.

    by Michael McGoldrick.
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