C&C 27

Specifications (Mark III):

L.O.A.: 27' 11" (8.48 m)
L.W.L.: 22' 11" (6.96 m)
Beam: 9' 2" (2.79 m)
Draft: 4' 6" (1.36 m)

Displacement: 5500 lbs. (2495 kg.)
Ballast: 2512 lbs. (1139 kg.)
Sail area: 372 sq. ft. (34.60 m²)

Motor: Atomic 4 (gas inboard)
Headroom: 6' 0" (1.83 m)
Berths: 4 to 5
Rating  (PHRF-LO) : 189

Price range: $20,000 to $24,000

(Note that the C&C 27 Mark I has a LOA
of 27' 4", a PHRF-LO rating of 198, and it usually sells for a couple of thousand dollars less than the Mark III.)

    Many people regard the C&C 27 as a Canadian Classic, and for good reason - close to 1000 of these boats were built between 1970 and 1982. With such a long production run, the C&C 27 underwent a number or subtle and not-so-subtle design changes.

    There is not a great deal of difference between the Mark I and Mark II versions of this boat, but a significant design update occurred with the Mark III, which appeared in the mid 1970s. Although the Mark IIIs look very much like the earlier versions of the C&C 27, it carries a slightly larger sail area, its hull is at least six inches longer, and its waterline is almost a whole two feet longer. This makes it a faster boat, and the greater demand for the Mark III means that its asking price can be noticeably higher than with the earlier C&C 27s. A small number of C&C 27s were built under the Mark IV designation, but except for some styling updates, they are very similar to Mark IIIs. The C&C 27s referred to above should not be confused with the completely redesigned, and much smaller C&C 27 which was introduced in the mid 1980s (sometimes called the Mark V).

    Because there are so many C&C 27s out there, they will continue to be a recognized commodity and a well known design for years to come. However, a few of the older C&C 27s may not have aged all that well, so if you are thinking of purchasing one, it's a good idea to obtain services of a competent surveyor who has experience with these boats.

    by Michael McGoldrick.
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