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   Online Owners/Class Groups  ( various cruising sailboats found on the Ottawa River )
 The Alberg 22 Site
 Tanzer 22 Association
 Tanzer 26 Web Site
 Alberg 30
 C&C Corvette
 Grampian 26
 Mirage-Kirby Group
 C&C Photo & Resource Center
 Chrysler Sailing Page
 C&C 27 Association
 Chrysler Owners' Group
 Grampian Forum
 Ontario 28 (and 32)
 Laser 28
 CS Yacht Owners' Group
 Tanzer 7.5 Web site
 MacGregor Website
 Nordica 20
 Bayfield Resources
 Sirius 21/22/28 website
 Siren 17
 Shark Fleet (@ BYC)
 Aloha 34
 Aloha Owners' Group
 Beneteau Owners Association
 Tanzer 28 web site
 C&C Sailing Association
 Pearson Triton Page
 Paceship Web Page
 The Tanzer Sixteen Page
 Catalina 34
   Boating Safety and Local Sailing Instruction/Courses
 Canadian Office of Boating Safety
 The Safe Boating Guide
 Online Keelboat Sailing Course
 Online Sailing Manual for Kids
 Operator Card Requirements
 VHF Certificate Study Guide (PDF)
 The Ottawa Sailing School
 NSC Sailing School
 Britannia Power & Sail Squadron
 Ottawa Power & Sail Squadron
 American Office of Boating Safety
 Sailng Lessons at ONEC
 École de Voile de l'Outaouais
 Sail RA Training Program
 Britannia Yacht Club Training
 Bytown Brigantine Foundation
 Cours de voile sur catamarans
 American Boating Safety Site
   Web Sites about Cruises and Cruising
 Cruising Canada
 Mid-Life Cruising Sabbatical Page
 Freshwater Sea
 Micro Cruising in the Bahamas
 Voyage of "Destiny Calls"
 The Voyage of Pirate Jenny
 Welcome to Cruiser News Online
 Cruising Guide to Lake Ontario
 St. Lawrence River Flotilla Club
 North Channel Cruise
 A virtual cruise of the
   Temiskaming/Ottawa Waterway
 Small Yacht Cruising
   Sailing News, Organizations, & Indexes on the Web
 CYA HomePage
 Ontario Sailing Association (OSA)
 ISAF HomePage
 Canadian Power and Sail Squadron
 Canadian Yachting Magazine Site
 The Mother of All Maritime Links
 Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page
 Sailing News on TSN
 la - liens
 Sail Magazine
 Sailing Source
 The Québec Sailing Federation
 Yahoo! - Sailing Links
 Cruising World Archives - Articles
   Maintenance, Projects, and Calculators
 Looking at Marine Surveys
 Interlux Paint Guide
 Maintenance Tips Archives
 Maintenance & Trouble shooting
 Projects & Ideas (& 1 joke)
 Installing new windows
 Fiberglass info from Fibre Glast
 DIY Magazine Archives
 Bob's Hot Boating Tips
 West Advisor/general maintenance
 Marine sanitation by Peggie Hall
 Deep Cycle Battery FAQ
 Unique Battery Tutorial
 Marine Navigation Calculators
 Calculate Magnetic Declination
 West System Epoxy information
 Calculate Sail Area
 PHRF Calculator/Boat Speed
 Sail Power Calculator
 How Far is IT?
 Reporting Wind Speeds
 Boat Calculators
 Wind Pressure Calculator
 Predict GPS Satellite locations

   Local Personal Web Pages About Sailing
 Brian's Sailing Links
 Kaymac's Sailing Web Spot
 Peter & Louise's Progress Journal
 William Watt's boat directory
 Doug's "TANZER" Links
 Tornado Flying over the Ottawa River
   Worthwhile Web Sites
 Rideau Canal Waterway Home Page
 Fishing on the Ottawa River
 Pinhey's Point Foundation Site
 Joe's 1000 Islands Boating Guide
 English-French Sailing Dictionary
 Le Nautisme au Québec
 Sail Trim Simulator
 Sailing Strategies
 Using Telltales
 The Nautical Mind
 Zebra Mussel Information
 Ontario Boating Forum
 Upcoming Boat Shows
 The Historic Sailing Page
 The Sailing Yacht "Canada"
 Pat's Boating in Canada
 Digital Nautical Charts
 Ottawa Windsurfing
 Great Lakes Marine Museum
 Knots on the Web
 FreeNet's Boating & Sailing SIG
 Lake Temiskaming/
   Ottawa River Waterway
 Temiskaming/Ottawa Waterway
   (unofficial site)
 Ottawa River Conservation Project
 The issue of a west-end bridge
 DN Iceboat Racing Page
 Phil's Foils & Composites
 The Boat Loft
 Ottawa Fireball Page
 Rick Leir's Ottawa 505 Fleet
 505 Fleet 4 Home Page
 Ottawa Frosty Sailing
 Ottawa-Area Dinghy Regattas
 CORK Web Site
 PHRF - Lake Ontario
 COLREGS & Canadian Modifications
 Admiralty Law in Canada

   Tourist Information & General Information about the Ottawa-Outaouais region.
 Ottawa.Com - local information
 Fitzroy Provincial Park
 Ottawa Kiosk
 Tour Ottawa
 Ottawa Start - local information
 Ottawa River Communities
   Relevant Government Web Sites
 Canadian Coast Guard
 Canadian Hydrographic Service
 Industry Canada - Recreational Boats
 Canadian Marine Advisory Councils
 Environment Canada - Green Lane
 Canadian laws/regs for ships/boats

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