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The beach at Fitzroy Provincial Park.
Fitzroy Provincial Park (Ontario) is located on the east side of the Chats Falls Dam. It offers a variety of good quality camp sites and has space available most of the time. The Park's main beach is located opposite Kedey's Island, and a smaller children's beach is located in the area roughly opposite the opening between Kedey's and Alexandra Islands.

Park officials say that it is possible to check into their facility by boat. However, this option may only be applicable to people in canoes as there is seldom more than two to three feet of water around the park's dock. For more information, visit the Fitzroy Provincial Park Website.

And finally, it should be noted that there's little chance that a cruising sailboat will be able to get anywhere near the dock in the small town of Fitzroy Harbour. The area surrounding the village dock is very shallow and littered with rocks. And despite the presence of Coast Guard buoys, there is no evidence of a continuous channel leading to the town on the southwest side of Kedey's Island (a fact personally verified by the author of this website in a 25 foot sailboat with a swing keel). It may be hypothetically possible for a small cruising boat with a retractable keel to reach Fitzroy Harbour when water levels are unusually high. But generally, this area is not recommended for anything larger than a small dinghy.

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Text by Michael McGoldrick, photo by Bernie Coyne.
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