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The view from the south end of Buckham's Bay.
(looking towards the Ottawa River)
Buckham's Bay is right next door to Constance Bay, and is a rather odd formation on the River. It is a long narrow bay - two kilometres long, but only about 250 metres wide along its entire length (800 feet wide). Moreover, the west side of this bay is flanked by a relatively steep hill.

Because of its unique shape, it offers good protection from everything except a northwest wind. While boats do use it as an anchorage (the far end) when the wind is blowing from a southerly direction, there are reports that they have to put up with the wake generated by the many powerboats that zoom in and out of the bay. Some people have suggested that the number of powerboats in such a confined area means the water in Buckham's Bay may be a touch less clean than other parts of the river.

Boats heading into Buckhams' Bay should be careful to avoid the shoals which guard the east side of the entrance to this body of water. And because of all the powerboat traffic, sailors should make use of a good anchor light when dropping the hook for the night. Finally, the layout of this bay mean that it may be difficult to anchor very far from houses or cottages, and boats may not have very much privacy.

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Text and photo by Michael McGoldrick.
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