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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Thu Jun 26 2014 at 4:24 pm

New Quyon cable ferry now operational.
New Quyon cable ferry now operational.

The new Quyon cable ferry began operations this past weekend (June 21, 2014).

It replaces two smaller diesel powered ferries, and crosses the Ottawa River between Quyon (Quebec) and a point just north of Fitzroy Harbour (Ontario).

Because this ferry is pulled across the river by a submerged cable, anyone sailing up river will have to pay particular attention not to pass in front of the ferry when it is moving.   However, with these types of ferry operations, there is usually sufficient sag in the cable trailing from the ferry’s stern to allow boats to pass a safe distance behind the ferry. Moreover, boats should be able to pass without any problems when the ferry is at dock.

Although the ferry’s operator have suggested that boats would be able to pass a safe distance aft of the ferry, they now seem to be placing more emphasis on not having boats pass anywhere when the ferry is in motion.  Whatever the case, it not overly clear how much distance boats should leave behind the ferry when passing. The Quyon Ferry’s website says 800 feet (approx 250 metres).  In other postings, the ferry operators suggest boats should pass no closer than 400 and 700 feet behind the ferry.

The one advantage of the new cable ferry is that it operates with electric motors, and it should be much quieter than the old diesel powered ferries.  This will make it more inviting for recreational boaters to spend the night tied up at Quyon.

More information on the Quyon Ferry website:


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