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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Sun May 27 2012 at 7:17 am

Quyon Ferry to become a cable ferry next year.
The Quyon Ferry will be completely revamping its operation, a move that will see its two smaller diesel-powered ferries replaced by a much larger cable ferry. According to their plans, they will start using the new cable ferry in 2013.

The Quyon Ferry has been in operation since 1893, and it crosses the Ottawa River between Quyon,  on the Quebec side, and a point just north of Fitzroy Harbour, on the Ontario side.

The Quyon Ferry currently operates with two diesel-powered, propeller driven ferries that have space for up to seven vehicles each. These will be replaced by one larger ferry that will be able to accommodate up to 21 vehicles. Instead of being propeller driven, the new ferry will be pulled across the river by large cables and electric motors.

This new cable ferry operation could have implications for sailboats heading upriver. Obviously, a cable stretched taut from shore to shore will block sailboats from passing through this part of the river. However, with most ferry operations of this type,  there is usually sufficient sag in the cable trailing from the ferry’s stern to allow sailboats to safely pass behind the ferry. Moreover, the cable is usually slackened when the ferry is at dock.  Nevertheless, it is not clear what the situation will be with this new ferry.

The new cable ferry could bring one potential advantage. Presumably, the electric motors and cable will be far less noisy than the ferries with diesel motors. This means it may be possible for people to spend the night tied up at Quyon docks with a little peace and quiet. At the moment, the diesel-powered ferries make a real racket when approaching or departing from the docks, and can operate as late as 1:30 a.m on weekends.

For more about the plans for the new cable ferry, go to:


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