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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Fri May 25 2012 at 5:16 pm

Safe Boating Awareness Week - Free Courtesy Check this Weekend (May 26 & 27)
Wendy Zatylny, Director of  Public Relations at the Nepean Sailing Club, has circulated the following about Safe Boating Week:

With Safe Boating Awareness Week upon us (May 26-June 1), the Canadian Power & Sail Squadron (CPS) is working in partnership with Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety to raise awareness of safety issues and encourage all pleasure craft operators to follow safe boating practices.

This week-end,  Qualified Boating Safety Specialists have offered to conduct a FREE Courtesy Check of your recreational vessel (sail, power, personal watercraft or canoe).  At your invitation only, a CPS Boating Safety Specialist will review the safety equipment on your boat to ensure you're meeting the requirements set out in the Safe Boating Guide.  Boats that meet regulations will be issued a CPS RVCC decal. The reviews are confidential and there are no penalties for deficiencies.  Instead, you will receive a checklist of what you should do to ensure you meet all requirements.  Given that penalties can be quite high if your boat fails to meet a formal inspection, this free safety check can be very helpful.

Here's the link to the Britannia-Rideau Squadron website:


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