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Posted by Bob S., Sat May 19 2012 at 9:54 pm

RE: Is it possible to anchor in Pontiac Bay?
Yes, depending on the water depth. I draw 4 foot zero.
There were no buoys the last time I entered in July 2010, but here are my waypoints:
Waypoint GPS Lat/Long
PB Anchorage 1 N45.48033 W76.24915
PB Anchorage 2 N45.48426 W76.26020
PB Entrance 1 N45.48478 W76.24202
PB-Can N45.48232 W76.25847
PB02 N45.48357 W76.24398
PB03 N45.48463 W76.24545
PB04 N45.48418 W76.24770
PB05 N45.48268 W76.24880
PB21 N45.48061 W76.25086
PB22 N45.48113 W76.25214
PB23 N45.48120 W76.25280
PB24 N45.48070 W76.25503
PB24-Rock N45.48062 W76.25493
PB25 N45.48024 W76.25721
PB26 N45.48132 W76.25907
PB27 N45.48320 W76.25997

If you would like more info, please email me at bob dot sunday at ncf dot ca

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