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Capital City Shark Regatta 2010 - July 3 & 4, 2010.

The Britannia Yacht Club hosted the Shark Worlds in 2003 and Shark Canadians in 2008. This year BYC will be doing it all over again with the Capital City Shark Regatta. This is the counter regatta in the Ottawa region for 2010. If you race a Shark, this is the place to be. Mark your calendars for the weekend of July 3 & 4, 2010. Register before June 18th , 2010, and save $20!

Information for boats coming from out-of-town.
If you are planning to compete in both the Capital City Shark Regatta and the 2010 Shark Canadians (which will be taking place in Montreal June 12 & 13), you are welcome to leave your boat and trailer at the Britannia Yacht Club for the period between these two events. This would save you the trouble and fuel expense of trailering your boat home. The driving time from Ottawa to Montreal is only two hours.

Click here for the official regatta web site at BYC.

Crazy Ivan places 2nd at Shark Worlds in Europe

Crazy Ivan failed to defend their third World Championship, but they did it in style, coming in solidly in second place. The winner of the 2010 of the Shark World Championship is Eager For More form the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. There is an interesting article about Crazy Ivan's efforts to defend their World Championship title in the Ottawa West EMC newspaper. Click here to see the final results of the 2010 Shark World Championship Regatta.

2009 Ottawa Shark Get Together at Westboro Pub.

Once again the annual Ottawa Shark Class Get Together will be held at Whispers Pub and Eatery. This event is open to all Shark Sailors (cruisers and racers alike and their significant others - you don't have to be a member of the class association). This is a very informal evening which allows Shark sailors to get together to celebrate this past season and talk about the upcoming sailing season. Upwards to 25 Shark sailors attended last's years event and we are hoping for a larger turn out this year. The Ottawa Shark Class Association will be providing appetizers (wings and nachos) until the money runs out so get there early for free munchies!

When: Wednesday, November 4th starting at 6:00pm

Where: Whispers Pub and Eatery, 2nd floor, 249 Richmond Road, at the corner of Tweedsmuir Avenue. (take the stairs at the back of the building directly opposite the main entrance)  Click here for the location of the pub on a Google map.

Crazy Ivan wins 2009 Shark World Championship title

In case you have not heard the news by now - "Crazy Ivan" has defended their Shark World Championship title, and "Shark Poop" was once again in contention ending the Regatta in third place. Congratulations to both boats for showing the rest of the world the quality of sailors on the Ottawa River. Click here to see the final results of the 2009 Shark World Championship Regatta.

The local Ottawa fleet had good representation at the 2009 Worlds as "Isurus", "Lone Shark" and "Voodoo" also made the trip to Niagara on the Lake.

The success of the top local Sharks has recieved some media coverage. David O'Sullivan, representing Crazy Ivan, and Johan Koppernaes, representing Shark Poop, were interviewed by Kathleen Petty on CBC Radio One. There was also an interesting article in the Ottawa-Weat EMC newspaper.

Crazy Ivan does it again - the Shark-of-the-Year

2008 was a dynamite year for local Shark Crazy Ivan (# 815). After having won both the Canadian and World Championships, they went on to clinch the coveted "Shark-of-the-Year" title. This means that Crazy Ivan won the three most important Shark titles in 2008, or the Class Association's equivalent of the "Triple Crown".

The Shark-of-the-Year title is awarded to the boat with the best record in five of the class association's counter regattas, and which must include either the Canadian or World Championship regattas. Although Crazy Ivan had already won the Canadians and Worlds, the Shark-of-the-Year title was not a sure thing. They were neck and neck with Shark Poop in their quest for this title, and it all came down to how well they would do in "the Homecomers", the last counter regatta of the year. In the end, they easily won the Homecomers with one third place, and an impressive 4 first place finishes. This result earned Crazy Ivan the Shark-of-the-Year title for third time in the past four years.

Congratulations to Crazy Ivan's crew - pictured above from left to right, Jamie Foy (foredeck), David O'Sullivan (pit), and Dave Foy (helm).

Crazy Ivan wins the 2008 Shark Worlds.

It's turning out to be a great year for Crazy Ivan (# 815). First they won the Shark Canadians in home waters on the Ottawa River, and a month later, won the Shark World Championship in Hamilton.

Crazy Ivan last made an appearance at the Worlds in 2005, and they had promised themselves they would win the Championship in 2008. They already proven that the Worlds was within their grasp by having won the "Shark of the Year" title in 2005 and 2007. Nevertheless, Crazy Ivan had to fight to come from behind several times during the Shark Worlds. David O'Sullivan (pit on Crazy Ivan) said that at one point in the long distance, the lead boats were only tiny blips on the horizon. They had to catch up and managed to finish this race in 4th place. David believes this finished saved their regatta.

Crazy Ivan wasn't the only Ottawa Shark to do well at the Shark Worlds. Shark Poop (former World Champs) finished a solid second, and Lone Shark won the mid-fleet trophy for the regatta. For full regatta results, click here.

Congratulations Crazy Ivan ( Dave Foy, Jamie Foy, & David O'Sullivan ), Shark Poop ( Johan Koppernaes, Doug Brown, & Michael Lee ), and Lone Shark ( Bert Ritcey, Rob Braden, & Jacqueline Malboeuf ).

BYC to host the 2008 Shark Canadians.

Just five years after hosting the Shark Worlds, Britannia Yacht Club will be the venue for another major Shark regatta. The 2008 Shark Canadian Championship will be taking place at BYC on June 7 and 8. The local organizing committee is already in high gear getting ready for this major event. For more information, see

Crazy Ivan (# 815) wins the 2007 "Shark of the Year" title.

Once again, Crazy Ivan (# 815) has gone on to win the "Shark of the Year" title in convincing fashion with three first place finishes in counter regattas of the Canadian Shark Class Association. What's more, Crazy Ivan helm David Foy was the winner of the 55th Annual Ottawa Sports Awards for sailing for 2007. Congratulations Crazy Ivan and David Foy.

Shark Poop Spam to compete in 2007 Worlds in Austria.

The crews of two local boats, Shark Poop (# 1495) and Spam (#736), will be heading overseas to compete in the Shark World Championship Regatta that will be taking place in Ebensee, Austria, from May 21-27th, 2007. Shark Poop will be seeking a third straight Shark World Champion Title. This will be the second time Spam has competed in Shark Worlds in Europe. Spam took part in the Worlds on Lake Muritz in Germany in 2004.

Shark Poop wins 2006 Shark World Championship.

For the second year in a row, Shark Poop (# 1495) won the Shark World Championship. The 2006 Shark Worlds were hosted by The Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto from July 22-28 on Lake Ontario. Shark Poop helm Johan Koppernaes reports that it was hard fought regatta, and it was more challenging than the year before. For more details, see the final results. Next year's Shark Worlds will be taking place in Austria.

Congratulations Shark Poop.

Canadain Shark Class Assoc. membership available online.

Membership in the Canadain Shark Class Association for the 2006 sailing season can now be obtained on-line. The link below will let you register and pay for your membership over the internet. Membership cards will be mailed to you following you registration. Note that any boat intending to participate in "counter regattas" must have a CSCA member on board and "in charge". Become a member and support the Shark one-design racing. Click here for the CSCA Online Member Form.

It's official, the NOD will be a "counter regatta".

The 2006 Nepean One Design (the NOD) has officially been designated as a "counter regatta" by the Canadian Shark Class Association. This means the results of the NOD will count for boats competing for the overall CSCA annual championship known a "Shark of the Year" (the Shark with the best overall results in 5 counter regattas, which must include the "Worlds" or the "Canadians").

The Ottawa Shark Class Association had been actively seeking to get the NOD reinstated as a counter regatta for quite some time. Several years ago our local class association "loaned" its "counter" to other regattas for fleet development purposes. Hopefully, the NOD will attract more out-of-town Sharks now that it is again recognized as a counter regatta. Click here for the NOD web site.

The 2006 Shark Regatta Schedule now available.

The Canadian Shark Class Association has finalized the dates for the counter regattas and has issued the schedule for 2006. Note that this schedule features both counter and non-counter events. It's worth noting that in addition to the NOD, the US Nationals (in Dunkirk, NY, near Buffalo) has been included as a new counter regatta. For more information, see our race & regatta schedule.

In other news, we now know the schedule for the Shark Worlds for the next couple of years. In addition to this year's Shark Worlds hosted by the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto from July 22 - 28, 2006, future Worlds will take place in Austria in 2007, Hamilton in 2008, and Niagara-on-the-Lake in 2009.

New 3D Line Drawings of the Shark Hull.

Chuck Lanning, who crews on Shark #844 out of BYC, has made some interesting 3D line drawings of the Shark hull. To view them, go the drop down menu under "Class Info", and click on "3D Hull Drawings" (or click here).

Local boats capture top honours in 2005

The two most prestigious awards for Sharks are the "World Championship" and "Shark of the Year". In 2005 these were both won by Ottawa area Sharks.

In July, Shark Poop (# 1495) easily won the 2005 Shark World Championship with a convincing performance. More recently, they placed second in the last "counter" regatta of the season, the "Homecomers", at Niagara-on-the-Lake.

2005 was also the season when Crazy Ivan (# 815) went on to win the "Shark of the Year" title. They did this by winning 3 counters regattas and fending off Duck Soup in the final counter of the season.

Congratulations to both Shark Poop and Crazy Ivan.

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