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Announcements from 2005....

Crazy Ivan - Shark of the Year.

Ottawa area Shark Crazy Ivan (# 815) is the 2005 "Shark of the Year". This title goes to the Shark with the best overall record in the Class Association's "counter" regattas for a given year. Crazy Ivan actually won a number of these counter regattas during the past year. However, honours for Shark of the Year had to be decided in the final counter regatta of the season and it was a toss-up between Crazy Ivan and Sid Dakin's Duck Soup (who has won the Shark of the Year more than anyone else). In the end, Crazy Ivan prevailed. Click here for background information about the Shark of the Year.

Crazy Ivan wins the 2005 Gold Cup Regatta

Ottawa area Shark Crazy Ivan (# 815) won the 2005 Gold Cup counter regatta which took place September 10 & 11 on Lake Ontario. Over 30 of some of the faster Sharks took part in the regatta which was hosted by the Ashbridge's Bay Yacht Club. for more details, see the complete results.

Crazy Ivan wins the 2005 Montreal One Design Regatta

Ottawa area Shark Crazy Ivan (# 815) won the 2005 Montreal One Design Regatta (Coupe du Quebec) which took place August 6 & 7. Sailing on Crazy Ivan were David Foy, David O'Sullivan, and Marius Rzucidlo. Other local sharks competing in Montreal One Design Regatta include Lone Shark (# 243) and Dorothy May (# 246). See the complete results on the Pointe Claire Yacht Club web site.

Shark Poop wins the 2005 Shark World Championship

Shark Poop (# 1495) easily won the 2005 Shark World Championship with a convincing performance. Consistent finishes was the key to Shark Poop's success in a light-air regatta which often featured challenging conditions. Congratulations to Johan Koppernaes, Doug Brown, and Michael Lee.

43 boats competed in the World Championship, including some of the best Sharks from Canada as well as teams from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. This year's Shark Worlds took place during the first week of July on Lake St. Clair near Tecumseh (Windsor) and was hosted by South Port Sailing Club. A tip of the hat to regatta organizers for doing a great job and offering up some truly first class race management.

In addition to Shark Poop, other Ottawa area boats participating in the 2005 Shark Worlds included Crazy Ivan (# 815) and Lone Shark (# 243).

For more information, see the results on the Shark Worlds web site.

Shark Poop wins the 2005 NOD.
In winds that can best be described as "goofy", Shark Poop won the 2005 NOD (the Nepean One Design) which took place on Lac Deschenes on June 18 & 19. Crazy Ivan came in second followed by Duck Poop, Howard Moscrop's boat from Kingston. For more, see the Shark Results on the NOD web site.

Unfortunately, the winds didn't cooperate all that much with this year's NOD. On the first day, the keelboats got in three races in some very fluky winds. There were no races on the second day because of non-existent winds. This is in stark contrast to last year when the NOD lost a day of racing because of too much wind.

The good new in this year's NOD is that it was well attended by out-of-town Sharks. There was one from Kingston, one from Montreal, and four from Brockville (Hooray Brockville). This bodes well for a good turnout for Sharks at 2006 NOD, which is suppose to be a counter regatta.

And finally, a word of thanks to Bert Ritcey (Lone Shark) and his team of volunteers for doing great job organizing the 2005 NOD.

Crazy Ivan wins the Shark Trillium Regatta In Toronto

Ottawa area Shark "Crazy Ivan" (#815) won the 2005 Shark Trillium Regatta which took place in Toronto on May 28 & 29. Sailing on Crazy Ivan were David Foy, David O'Sullivan, and Jamie Foy. The Trillium is one of the major counter regattas that is sanctioned by the Canadian Shark Class Association, and it attracts many of the more competitive boats. Other Sharks from the Ottawa area which participated in this year's Trillium are Shark Poop (#1495) and Lone Shark (#243). Shark Poop was third after the first day of racing, and finished the regatta in sixth place. For complete results, see: www.rcyc.ca/Regatta/sharktrillium.html.

Local Shark Tuning Clinic a Sucess

A Shark Tuning Clinic was held at the service dock at the Nepean Sailing Club on May 10, 2005. It was attended by 20 or more local Shark sailors. This clinic was the first of many events and activities planned by the local Shark Class Association in the Ottawa area. Read about the presentation given by Johan Koppernaes (look under "Technical" on the drop-down bar menu or click here for the article).

New energy for the local Shark Class Association.
A group of Shark sailors recently decided to breath some new energy into the local Shark Class Association. A general meeting of area Shark sailors took place at NSC on April 14, 2005, and a Committee was named to look after the local class association business.

Everyone agreed that there should be a renewed effort to open lines of communication among area Shark sailors. The creation of this web site is a step in this direction. There are also plans for organizing tuning clinics, racing seminars, and social events. Stayed tuned to see what develops.

Keep in touch by regularly checking this web site for the latest news and announcements. You can also visit the online forum to participate in various discussions. Send in your email address to Michael Lee (Class Secretary) in order to receive notices about upcoming events and other matters of interest to local Shark sailors.

In the meantime, spread the word among fellow Shark Sailors (For example, e-mail them the URL for this web site).

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