Some Info about Ontario Yachts Ltd.

Unlike many sailboat manufacturers in Canada which closed their doors in the mid-1980s when the industry was hit by a major slump, Ontario Yachts Ltd is still in business. The company appears to have survived by getting out of the business of building big keelboats, while, at the same time, pursuing non-marine fiberglass manufacturing work. For example, Ontario Yachts built the pitcher's mound for Toronto's Skydome stadium.

Dirk Kneulman now heads the company, which he took over from his father, Dick Kneulman. He is fairly knowledgeable about the production of the Ontario 28 and the Ontario 32, but he claims that he was just "a little kid" when these boats were being built. Unfortunately, Dirk Kneulman confirms that it's been well over a decade since Ontario Yachts has been involved in manufacturing the larger sailboats. As a result, he says the company is not in a position to supply parts for the Ontario 28 or the Ontario 32.

Nevertheless, Ontario Yachts still produces sailboats. But nowadays, it caters to people looking for good racing dinghies. As such, it concentrates on building Sonars, Ideal 18's, E22's, Albacores and Optimists.

For more information about Ontario Yachts, see the article in the Canadian Yachting Magazine at the following URL: http://www.canyacht.com/reviews/ontario32.html

It is possible to reach Ontario Yachts at (905) 639-8382.

The company's address is:
Ontario Yachts Ltd., 4160 Morris Dr., Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7l 5l6

Writen by Michael McGoldrick
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