Background Information About the Ontario 38.

The Ontario 38 was developed in response to Ontario 32 owners who wanted to move up to something larger. Unfortunately, it was introduced in 1985 just as the North American sailboat industry was entering into a major slump. As a result, very few Ontartio 38s were built, and it is the rarest model in the Ontario line of sailboats.

Dirk Kneulman, who took over Ontario Yachts from his father, Dick Kneulman, guessed that they only built one of these boats, although he is quick to point out that he was just a kid when Ontario Yachts was building keelboats. Response to this web site suggests that they may have built four of these boats. In the late 1980s, this boat was marketed as the "Odyssey 38", and a couple may have been built under this name.

Ontario Yachts had a close working relationship with C&C Yachts, and it is interesting to note that the Ontario 38 was designed by George Cuthbertson (one of the founders of C&C).

For the record, here are the specifications for the Ontario 38 :

L.O.A.:    38'2"
L.W.L.:    30'
Beam:    12'

Draft:    5'6"
Displacement:  14,675 lbs.
Sail area:    720 sq. ft.

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