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  • About Sailquest Forums

    All Sailquest.com Websites and Forums are 100% non-commercial - no advertising, no sponsors, no collecting or sharing information with businesses. These websites and forums are maintained as a private initiative for the benefit of various sailing communities which are primarily located in Canada.

    People are welcome to use appropriate forums to post greetings, questions, answers, comments announcements, etc. No explicit commercial postings allowed, although professionals can draw attention to their service or business (within reason) in the course of their legitimate participation in discussions.

    People are welcome to make suggestions for the creation of new forums on various sailing subjects, but these can only be established when it is obvious that there is sufficient interest to support a new group.

    The Forums at Sailquest.com are intended to provide a friendly environment for posting messages. Proper netiquette is required at all times. No flame wars or put-downs - no spam or other inappropriate postings.

    Public Access & Registration Requirements.

    (Public Access) Most of the discussion forums on Sailquest.com are open to full public access. In other words, anyone browsing the web can read or post messages on these forums, with no need to register. (Registered users will have the added benefit of being able to edit or delete their messages on these forums.)

    (Semi-Public Access) With some forums on Sailquest.com, the public can read all the messages, but only registered users can post messages. Anyone can register using a very simple online process. The main advantage with this arrangement is that it keeps out spammers and people who make inappropriate postings.

    (Private) Forums may be established on Sailquest.com which are private. You have to be registered and a member of the group associated with such a forum to read or post messages. Such forums require someone to act as a moderator.

    To register. Click on the "Register" link in the upper right hand corner of the main page to register (or click here). You only have to complete the 4 boxes in the first section to register. You can complete the other sections if you want, but it is not necessary. You must give your real e-mail address. Your registration will only be validated when you respond to a simple message sent to your e-mail address.

    Note that the default setting with forums on Sailquest.com is that your e-mail address will not appear with postings you make on these forums (this prevents your email address from being known and used by spammers). Also note that, except for private discussion areas, a registered user can post on all the forums on sailquest.com.

    Privacy Statement

    As already indicted, Sailquest websites and forums are operated by an individual, and not a business, and therefore do not attempt to track or collect personal information. The only exception is the use of cookies and registration information (an email address) that are required for the operation of the discussion forums. Apparently, cookies are necessary for the operation of good discussion forums. Registration is used with some forums to keep out spammers and people who would otherwise make inappropriate postings. If spam and other inappropriate postings become too much of a problem, registration may be required with all forums on Sailquest.com. Whatever the case, cookies are set, and registration information is stored, only for the operational needs of the forums.

    Conditions of Use

    By using (reading messages, making postings, registering) any of the forums on Sailquest.com, you agree to the following terms.

    You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexual material, or any other material that may violate any applicable laws.

    While the people involved in the maintenance and operation of the forums on Sailquest.com (including administrators and moderators), will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the forums are used appropriately, and will attempt to remove objectionable material, you agree that none of these people can, in anyway, be held responsible or liable for how the forums are used or for any material appearing on the forums.

    Moreover, you agree that people involved in the maintenance and operation of the forums on Sailquest.com cannot, in anyway, be held responsible or liable for how any information provided to the forums is used. Furthermore, you agree not, in anyway, to involve these people, or the operation of the forums themselves, in any action you may pursue in relation to information or material posted on the forums.

    Furthermore, you agree that people involved in the maintenance and operation of the forums on Sailquest.com cannot, in anyway, be held responsible or liable for your not being able to use the forums, because your name has been deleted from the database, or because of the discontinuation of the any forums, or for any other reason.

    While the people involved in the maintenance and operation of the forums on Sailquest.com will make reasonable efforts to protect the information in the forum databases, you also agree that these people cannot, in anyway, be held responsible or liable for release or misuse of this information (for example, if hackers were to somehow gain access to the database). Like many other sites and services on the Internet, use these forums entirely at your own risk.

    Thank you,

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    Note: Special thanks to Chris Locke for support and assistance in making these forums possible.

    Comments concerning these forums can be sent to Michael McGoldrick at: mcsail@magma.ca

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